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Trish McEvoy

Trish McEvoy 100 Eau de Parfum

Trish McEvoy 100 Eau de Parfum

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This sophisticated, luxurious fragrance combines ingredients to form a scent that evokes feelings of optimism and confidence - a balance that pays homage to the symbolic power of the number 100.

Fragrance story: Standing for complete self-assurance, Trish McEvoy's 100 Eau de Parfum evokes a mesmerizing mixture of radiant and inviting top notes that keep you captivated with each spritz. This intense tension invites you in and only becomes more fascinating as you experience the thrilling interplay of energy and surrender. And just when you least expect it, you feel a gentle warmth and sweetness that wraps your senses up in a lasting kiss.

Notes: lychee, blackberry leaves, luminous incense, jasmine, rose centifolia, cypriol, tonka bean, creamy leather, cedarwood, musk, ambrox.

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