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Chantecaille Orange Flower Water

Chantecaille Orange Flower Water

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Chantecaille's Orange Flower Water offers a refreshing and calming experience with its soothing, fragrant mist. Rich in essential oils, this aromatic face spritz is steam-distilled to capture the powerful properties of orange blossoms. 100% vegan and from natural origin, it is gentle enough for all skin types while balancing and toning the skin. Experience the heady, white blossom scent of this essence and discover the power of aromatherapy.

How to Use: Mist across your face from left to right then back again in a continuous sweeping motion. Repeat throughout the day as needed. Keep away from heat and sunlight.

Ingredients: Citrus Aurantium Amara (bitter Orange) Flower Water*, Lactobacillus Ferment 100% from Natural Origin

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